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Let us know what you need done, or if you need us to come on-site and take a closer look at things.

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We'll Inform You of the Estimated Duration

At Uniq, we prioritize a billing system based on an hourly rate for all our services, steering clear of flat-rate pricing. We believe flat-rate pricing is unjust as it averages out the costs, blending simple and complex installations. This approach unfairly impacts clients with straightforward, contingency-free installations who end up paying more due to the challenges faced in other, more complex projects.


By charging an hourly rate, we ensure each client is billed solely based on their specific circumstances and the actual time spent on their installation. Our range of services, which includes everything from basic TV mounting to comprehensive security system installations, is uniformly billed at a fair rate of $130.00 per hour. A minimum charge of one hour is applied, even if the installation requires less time.

*Our project time estimates are just that – estimates. They are not binding and may not reflect the final cost of the installation once completed.*


Set A Time & Date for Appointment

Let us know when you're available, and we'll arrange a time window that works best for you!

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